This half term our annual sponsored Read For Good challenge took place, organised by Head of English, Mrs Watson. The Year 7 boys took part and between them they have raised an incredible £474.35.

Read for Good is a national charity that raises money through sponsored reads, and other activities, to supply books and storytellers to children’s wards in hospital.

It was featured on The One Show on November 15 as part of Children In Need, showcasing the benefits the project brings to sick children.

Due to risks of infection, second hand books are not allowed in hospitals and so Read For Good delivers brand new books every 6 weeks. The children can read themselves, or storytellers funded by Read For Good read the books to them. Patients can take a book home with them when they leave hospital too.

To take part in Read For Good, each pupil sets their own reading challenge and gathers sponsorship. As an extra incentive, Mrs Watson awards the boy who reads the most during the sponsor period a £10 book voucher! This year the lucky winner is Tom who read nine books and raised £90.

Mrs Watson said: “Read For Good is a fantastic organisation supporting children and their families whilst in hospital. I can speak from personal experience about the good this brings.

We are delighted to be taking part in the sponsored read again, we find it really motivates the boys to read, and importantly it encourages them to broaden their sphere in terms of the types of stories and authors they read.”

Derby Grammar School - Read For Good