The House Art competitions in Primary School and Senior School have resulted in some stunning entries which showcase some of the extraordinary talent we have here at school.

The brief for the Senior School competition was ‘What Will DGS Be Like In The Next 25 Years?’. Entries were encouraged to be either 2D or 3D.

The competition was judged by Head of Art, Ms Sellors and Head of Marketing, Mrs Baldwin. It was split between Lower School (Years 7 to 9) and Upper School (Years 10 to 13).

Congratulations to James in Year 12 who won the Senior School competition for Derby.

His entry included electric car charging points, hand-scanners and a green roof and was presented in 3D. Ms Sellors said: “This is a worthy winner. James has used his modelling skills from DT and has obviously spent a lot of time and effort on his entry.”

Andreas (Year 9) won the Lower School competition for his House, Bemrose. Miss Sellors said: “Another fantastic representation of what the school may be like in 25 years. It is graphic and detailed, like an illustration, and shows different aspects of the school beyond the main building. It is a very good piece of drawing in mixed media.”

In Primary School, the judging was made very difficult with such a high standard of entries. The brief was to create a piece of work based on a ‘Wonder of the World’. It didn’t have to be one of the seven wonders, but something that was wonderful to the pupil.

This time we had three categories – Infants, Years 3 and 4 and then Years 5 and 6.

The winner in Infants was Viraj with his model of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. In the Year 3 and 4 category Bill took first place for his fantastic piece on Atlantis, which is viewed through swimming goggles. Finally, the winner in the Years 5 and 6 category was Alex K who created a model of Petra. It was a very personal piece of work as he has visited the site.

Ms Sellors said: “The standard in the Primary School House Art competition is always high, and this year is no exception. There were lots of entries – I could have awarded them all a prize!

I admire the ingenuity of the boys; personal experience is always a good starting point for an artist. There is a lot of very good re-purposing of materials, such as stones for people and sponges for bricks – a good use of a whole variety of different media.

A lot of time and effort has been put in to all of these entries and what has particularly struck me is how large a part climate change has played in the pieces in both the Primary and Senior School competitions.

The judging is always hard; I congratulate everyone who has taken part.”

Senior School House Art – Individual Winners

Position House Name Year
Lower School
1 Bemrose Andreas 9
2 Derby Adam G 8
3 = Atkinson Rohail 9
3 = Bemrose Matthew J 9
Upper School
1 Derby James G 12
2 Derby Ahmed 10
3 Derby Sami 11

House Art – House winners, including individual and commended points

  1. Derby
  2. Bemrose
  3. Blackton & Atkinson

Primary School House Art – Individual Winners

Position House Name Year
1 Bemrose Viraj Reception
2 Atkinson Jackson Reception
3 Derby Tommy 2
Year 3 & 4
1 Atkinson Bill 4
2 Derby Charlie 4
3 Atkinson Jack 3
Year 5 & 6
1 Bemrose Alex K 6
2 Bemrose Iósaif 6
3 Derby Shamoil 5

Primary School House Art – House winners, including individual and commended points

  1. Atkinson
  2. Bemrose
  3. Derby
  4. Blackton