Who would have thought we had so many swimmers in our midst! At November’s Achievement Assembly, four boys told us about their latest swimming awards.

Aavai (Y3), Alex (Y4) and Daniel (Y5) all showed us their certificates and badges. As well as swimming they told us about the other skills they had to do, including dividing, swimming through a hoop and doing forward rolls.

Harjan has just completed all of the awards in the Bronze stage of the Rookie Lifeguard qualifications. As part of this he had to show he could rescue swimmers and non-swimmers. Now he’s on to his silver level.

We also congratulated Tristan (Y3) and Akili (Y4) who both play tennis and who had won awards at their clubs, and Zach who proudly showed us the three medals he’s won for taking part in family fun runs and the Race for Life.

Bill (Y4) brought in all the rosettes he’s won for showjumping and pony club games. There were lots of them! He even brought in a sash that his pony won for coming first.

Finally Mrs Sly gave a special mention to Ollie (Y5) who sold poppies his granny had knitted to the whole school in the run up to Remembrance Day and raised £138.71 for the Royal British Legion. It seemed like most of the school were wearing a knitted poppy for our school Remembrance Day assembly! Ollie was helped in his sales drive by his friend Ted.

Once we’d celebrated all of these achievements we turned to recognise all of the great things our boys are doing in their lessons.

Ben (Y4), Adam (Y5), Daniel (Y5) and Sam (Y6) were all congratulated for taking part in the Senior School Assembly on World Mental Health Day and sharing how they use the mindfulness techniques they’ve learn to keep themselves calm.

Mrs Sly called a number of boys up to the stage as she and the teachers have been so impressed by the extra work they have put in to really go above and beyond in different subject areas. Ryan (Y4) has done some amazing maths work, Musa (Y5) has taken what he’s learnt about synonyms and antonyms in class to do extra work at home, Daniel (Y5) has been carrying out science experiments at home and Jack (Y3) has really impressed Mrs Monk the quality of his diary entries.

Charlie’s handwriting (Y4) has improved massively due to the extra hard work and concentration he’s put in, and Ales K (Y6) has yet again produced some fabulous reading record entries. Aaron (Y4) took what he’d learnt about WWII home and spent time hand drawing and colouring a Spitfire plane, and Mrs Genders is very proud of Year 6 who have all worked really hard in their English lessons in improving their sentence structures.

Mrs Sly finished the assembly by thanking the whole of the Primary School for taking part in Charities Week so wholeheartedly, and especially to Year 6 who arranged a lot of the activities and stalls. She said: “We couldn’t do it without you. Your efforts will make such a huge difference to the children of Gedeli B School.”