Year 6 have had a brilliant time in their design and technology lesson, designing a brand new flavoured biscuit to appeal to children and families.

The class split into teams to research, develop and design their product, and then pitch their product to our Chef, Mrs Cowley.

They began by taste-testing current biscuits to see which flavours and textures were the most popular and undertook a survey of their classmates and staff to help shape their ideas.

Popular flavours included salted caramel, chocolate and marshmallow – but our winning team devised something new and unique in the form of a gluten free, double layered, melted chocolate, cream and icing biscuit with a donut-style top.

Tom, Iósaif, Spencer and Nicholas formed team ‘Aqua Biscuits‘ who produced this year’s winning delight. They deliberately opted for a gluten free offering to accommodate Iósaif’s dietary requirements – and the final product was a hit.

Chef and judge Julie Cowley said: “They all put so much effort in and worked very well together as a team. The biscuits looked professional and you could tell how much thought had gone into the planning. The final results were delicious.”

Iósaif said: “Making the biscuits was great fun and we enjoyed eating them even more! My family at home really loved them.”

Meanwhile Tom wasn’t feeling quite so generous. He said: “I didn’t share mine at home, I just ate them instead!”

Well done to all involved.

A cookie contender
Our winning team ‘Aqua Biscuits’
Our winning gluten free biscuit