Our primary boys were in for a treat when they visited the Ascot Drive Fire Station this week.

They met with firefighter Aaron Crutwell who taught them fire safety whilst showing them how to operate a water hose and all of the important parts of the engine vehicles. They even got to have a short ride and sound the sirens.

Joshua in Year 1 said: “It was so good. I got to ride at the front of the fire engine and use the water hose. We went into the control room and Aaron showed us what to do if our clothes were on fire – the stop, drop and roll.”

The boys learnt that it’s important to stay low to the ground as smoke rises and how to feel more prepared for fires in their homes or public places.

Tommy in Year 2 said: “It was the best trip we’ve been on yet. It was fun and we learned a lot.”

Thank you so much to Aaron and the team at Ascot Drive for educating us – the boys loved it.