Congratulations were in order this week as Year 3 successfully secured themselves their first Blue Peter badges.

To earn the badges the boys composed an acrostic poem on a topic of their choice during their English lessons, word processed it using Google docs in their computing class, and finally hand wrote an accompanying letter to Blue Peter explaining who they are and what they had done.
The topics included the boys’ favourite sports, Pokemon and one even wrote his about their class teacher Mrs Monk who said: “I was so impressed by how much effort the boys put into this! Generating ideas for their poems, getting to grips with Google docs to present their work and finally putting together a formal letter to Blue Peter in their neatest handwriting – they have really worked hard to earn their first Blue Peter badge.”
Jack in Year 3 said: “My poem was about cricket because I really like it. I wear my badge on my uniform every day because I’m proud of myself and want to get more”
Jayan added: “I wrote my poem about football because it’s my favourite sport and I’ve just started Soccersports club.”
A copy of all of the poems can be found on proud display in the Year 3 classroom. Great achievement boys!