Well done to two fantastic members of our teaching team for successfully sleeping rough for charity last weekend.

Head of our Primary School, Mrs Sly and art teacher Miss Sellors spent the night of Friday 6 March sleeping outside at Derbyshire County Cricket Ground to raise money for YMCA Derbyshire.

Here they talk about the events of the evening and what it felt like to to take part:

We arrived at around 6pm and checked in, after which we were issued with two large pieces of cardboard and two boxes of our choice each. Some were VERY small!

Mrs Sly arrived first and ‘bagged’ the space situated by two small sheds, where we had seen others last year. We shared our card to make better use of them, laying some on the floor as a basic layer from the concrete. 

In previous years, rain was an issue making it important to create a shelter, so we attached tarpaulin to the shed roof and draped it across and over the bench and cardboard. Given all of the efforts we went to, we were disappointed not to have won the ‘best shelter’ especially with our special fairy lights!

As the evening developed, we found the temperature dropped and so began to put on more layers. Food in the form of burgers and Subway sandwiches and hot drinks were available.

It was heartening to hear speeches from YMCA Derbyshire staff about how grateful they are that so many turned up (around 100) and how important the money raised will be. 

Young people who often, through no fault of their own, find themselves in this situation and the money raised will help to get their lives back on track, providing training and support.

The Bishop was also there, as well as the Head of the YMCA from Africa!

Considering the amount of rain in recent weeks, we were very fortunate to have a dry night. Sleeping on hard concrete, albeit in a sleeping bag, on top of a thin layer of foam and a piece of cardboard was very cold and uncomfortable.

For us it was a humbling experience, and one that leaves you feeling quite disoriented, especially in the hours to follow when the lack of sleep catches up with you. It is hard to imagine how people who live like this every night manage to function properly.

We set a target of £300.00, but currently we have far exceeded this, raising in excess of £800.00. Many thanks to everyone who has sponsored us, your contributions really will benefit those that need it. If anyone would like to donate, please do so using this link.

Thank you.

Mrs Sly and Miss Sellors