Work is underway on Derby Grammar School’s new state-of-the-art infant building which will cater for its youngest pupils.

The school opened its doors for the first time to boys aged 4 to 7 in autumn last year but from September 2020 they will be based in a new, modern building on the site.

Expanding the school’s offer has been part of the long-term plan for many years and a decision was taken last year to go ahead. The school caters for boys aged 4-18 and girls aged 16-18.

Demolition of the former Art block began in autumn 2019 and the new infant building which will replace it has been craned into place.

It will house three classrooms, a kitchen area for refreshments and cookery classes, an entrance and waiting area, toilets, storage space, a plant room and IT equipment including brand new interactive white boards.

Dr Ruth Norris, Head Teacher, has said ‘We are delighted to extend the offering of Derby Grammar School to infant boys. With competitive fees that are comparable to local nursery costs, we are accessible to many families. Boys of all abilities join us for our high educational standards, small class sizes, extensive facilities and down-to-earth ethos.

April Sly, Head of Primary School, said this was an exciting time for everyone at Derby Grammar School.

She said: “Younger boys bring a whole new perspective to the Primary School and it has been wonderful to see the older primary boys nurture and include our infant boys. We have had eight boys across the three infant year groups this year join us and it is amazing to see their progress with such individualised teaching. We can’t wait to get into our new classrooms.”

Mrs Sly said the feedback from parents had been fantastic.

She said: “We’ve had extremely positive feedback from the parents of the infant boys. They love the family atmosphere of not only the primary school but also the whole school. They are also delighted with the specialist teaching in academic subjects, sports and the co-curricular provision available.”

You can see the infant building under construction here: