Year 10 pupil Lucas, has gone from strength to strength since joining the school’s Archery Club, run by our Head of Art & Design, Ms Sellors. 

The interest in the school club led Lucas to join the Black Arrow Field Archery Club where Ms Sellors is also a member.  Members walk through woods following a set course, shooting images or 3D targets placed around the wood of varying distances. This is a challenging sport, requiring concentration, precision and a good judgement. 

Lucas explains, “I joined the school archery club at the start of Year 7. We normally practice in the school hall or occasionally we go outside. Field Archery involves shooting at targets of either 2D pictures or 3D animals from various distances. It took me a while to become reasonable but as time went on I grew more confident in my shooting skill. Ms Sellors, an NFAS Coach, asked me if I wanted to go to shoot at the woods of a Field Archery Club, to experience the difference from school archery because you get to shoot a course around the wood, which is more natural. It was an amazing experience and I am keen to do it again. I am also wanting to join the NFAS (National Field Archery Society) so I can take part in competitions.”

We are excited to see what the future holds for Lucas, and we are sure if he does go on to compete, Ms Sellors will be cheering him on!