Ms Sellors, Head of Art at DGS, has given a prize to the Form who brought the most items in for the Harvest Festival, which was donated to the residents of the YMCA. The number of items was as good, if not better, than in previous years. This was amazing, especially as we are living through this pandemic and everyone’s lives have been affected in some way.

Ms Sellors explains, “For people to still give to those less fortunate, in times like this makes it all the more special and heartwarming. Reverend Paul Taylor, the YMCA staff and I were blown away by your generosity. Thank you all for your amazing efforts.”

Ms Sellors has always tried to get every student involved, saying that if everyone brought in two items we would have over 500 items. It is amazing that so many students rise to the inter-Form challenge and some bring in huge amounts of food for the YMCA.

On that note, we have two winning Forms for 2020. In the Primary School, Mrs Monk, along with Years 3&4 brought in an astounding 212 items! In the Senior School, Mr Clark and his Y7 Form, brought in an amazing 151 items! Well done to both of those Forms and thanks again to everyone who contributed.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, Ms Sellors and DGS are unable to produce the many shoe box Christmas presents for the YMCA, that you have so kindly donated to in previous years. Reverend Paul has managed to work with the Co-op to provide a chocolate box for each resident. Ms Sellors has provided Christmas cards for students to write in.

Not resting with the fantastic amount already received, Ms Sellors is on a mission to do even more,”What we are asking from you this year, is simply to buy body sprays, after shaves or perfumes. Please ask your son or daughter to take these and place them underneath the large wooden table in the school hall. The deadline for bringing these in, is Monday 14th December. Many thanks in advance for your kindness in helping to make someone’s Christmas more bearable.”