Hello! The year seems to be moving along so quickly now and our year 13 students are beginning to think seriously about their next steps.

This week they have had money on their mind and their tutors and I have been discussing finance with them. Student loan applications can take six to eight weeks to process so students need to apply before May 21st; if they want the money to be available when they begin their course. This may seem early but mocks are already upon us and before we know it we will be starting the final term of the year. Students can currently get a loan of up to £9,250 for their university fees and a maintenance loan (depending on household income) of up to £9,488 (or £12,382 in London) per year.

Talk of money has also led to consideration of university accommodation. Most first year students live in halls, they don’t have to – but it can be a good way to get to know new people, make new friends, and it’s sometimes seen as a stepping stone to full independence – universities typically offer significant support to students living in halls. Universities tend to allot this accommodation on a first come first served basis, so it’s wise to start looking as soon as an offer has been accepted. I have put information and finance application links on Google Classroom for all of the year 13 students.

This week’s links for the blog are a booking form, for a University of Leicester parents and carers Student Finance England session (on 18 March 2021 between 17:30 and 18:30) and a UCAS guide to student finance – I hope you find them both useful.

As always, don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or enquiries.

Kim Lacey, UCAS and Careers