Today Dr Norris and I spoke to the students who are planning to apply to Oxbridge.

This year we have seven students who are looking to make applications and their subject interests range from pure maths through to medicine and PPE (Philosophy, Politics and Economics). Dr Norris was able to tell them about her personal experience of both Oxford and Cambridge and we have sent them away to do some research of their own over the Easter holidays. These universities are the best in the world for academic research, but students do need to remember that they might not be the right choice if, say, they want to work as a Dr. rather than as a medical researcher, for instance. We have many excellent universities in Britain and in some cases, particularly if you want hands-on experience, an Oxbridge place may not not be the best choice for you as the emphasis is firmly academic, rather than practical.

When we return I will begin to work on personal statements with year 12. This is the start of the application process and is the first impression that universities will get of a student. It is essential therefore that we get it right; the form tutors and myself will make sure that each student has the best possible statement.

This weeks’ links for the blog are a parents and carers guide to the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge I hope you find them both useful.

As always, don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or enquiries.

Kim Lacey, UCAS and Careers