Our Drama Scholar Tom, has again been making strides with his acting career. This Easter, he was on the Yorkshire coast, filming for Middlesex University.

The short film was titled ‘Ryan’s Quest’, where Tom plays a young boy named Ryan who ventures into his own world when life at home gets tough. Tom spent three days filming, with the final result being submitted to various film festivals.

Tom gets his auditions and roles through an agent, Spotted Talent, and throughout lockdown had been self taping all of his auditions from home. Tom’s talent’s go further, as he throws himself into all of school life, and loves his singing lessons with Hot House Music at school.

At Derby Grammar, we have a vibrant Drama department, with many of our boys taking LAMDA examinations. The skills learnt stretch far beyond traditional drama, focusing on improving core communication skills, public speaking, and negotiation. To find out more, visit: www.derbygrammar.org/school-life/drama/