Senior School are ramping up the action with the Bags2School campaign to raise money for the PTA and our long supported Tanzania Project. The bags are sorted and are sold (at minimum cost) to people in countries such as Tanzania.  These people then earn money to live on by selling these at the side of the roads. This is the only income for some families.

Gedeli B School is located in Mwanza, Tanzania. It has around 1300 children at the school aged between 7 and 14 completing their equivalent of our ‘primary’ education. Few move on to secondary education. Since 2013 we have raised over £90,000 – smashing our original target of raising £50,000 in 10 years. Our annual trip also includes helping the local orphanage, Hisani, whose children attend Gedeli B School.

As an incentive for the boys to bring the bags back full of clothes they will be given a raffle ticket for each bag they bring in.  After the bags have been collected a raffle ticket will be drawn.  The winner will sit with 3 friends in the dining hall and will order a pizza delivery for their lunch!