Due to Covid restrictions, this year pupils from Year 7 through to Year 13 starred in our very own in-house adaptation of Geoffrey Chaucer’s, ‘The Knight’s Tale’.

This is the first year that students produced a film instead of a staged production and was a venture which brought an abundance of fun and laughter to all those involved. Music students composed all of the music and wrote the lyrics for the production, actors came together (albeit socially distanced) for weekly rehearsals/filming sessions and material was filmed and edited by students themselves. Our technical production team also helped with the sound and lighting for the grand ‘talent show’ scene and older students helped to choreograph dance routines. 

This was rather an ambitious project given the restrictions: there was much spraying of sanitiser as props were passed around and finding a wide-angle lens when pupils are 2m apart proved somewhat difficult, but it was an experience that will be remembered by those involved. Some exceptional talent was showcased and it was a reminder that in even the gloomiest of times, our School community, and most importantly the young people who make up that community, uplifts us all.