Our inspiring Year 12 pupil, Jacob, has set himself a huge task for his EPQ project of teaching every eligible member of the DGS community CPR. This week, Year 3 and 4 successfully completed their CPR training. 

As a member of St John’s Ambulance, Jacob came into the classroom to talk to the boys with the theme of ‘How to help someone if they’re not waking up or breathing’. He began by reminding them about dialling 999 and asking for an ambulance. He explained about the mnemonic ‘DRSABC’ and then demonstrated how to administer CPR to ‘Bob’ the dummy.  Each boy was then able to have a go themselves, under Jacob’s supervision. He also brought along a defibrillator and demonstrated how to attach the pads to someone’s bare chest to try to re-start their heart if it stopped beating.  

The boys were very enthusiastic and buzzing with excitement. 

As the teacher who taught Jacob in Year 3, 10 years ago, it was lovely for me to see what a calm, assured and skillful young man he’s grown into!

Mrs Monk