The Formula 24 Finals are nearly upon us at Derby Grammar and the hardworking team in Design and Technology, under the instruction of Mr Lakritz, have made it through again for the second year in a row! This is a hugely successful and popular co-curricular club and our team, The Stag, have qualified in the scratch-built category. It has been a brilliant season for Derby Grammar this year with racing at Castle Combe for the heats and looking forward to the finals at the Goodwood Motor Circuit!

Formula 24 is the primary racing category under the Greenpower Education Trust’s mission to inspire a new generation of environmentally-conscious young engineers by challenging them to build and race an electric car, and with big plans next year to build a new car, Mr Lakritz and his team will be busier than ever!

The Finals take place on the 10th October; we will all be on the edge of our seats for the results! Congratulations to our Derby Grammar Team for their hard-earned achievements.