Our Year 11 student Lucas B. has been busy training under a selection process for the England Hockey Team! Lucas has been selected as a goalkeeper for the East Midlands. His Performance Centre training as an Under-15s goalkeeper prepared him to be selected for the Mercia Lynx Under-15s team as a reserve keeper to compete in the Futures Cup. The Mercia Lynx squad is made up of players from East, South, West Midlands and Reading.

England Hockey hold the Futures Cup every year to showcase young people’s talent and aid in National Age Group selection, which is the highest honour for a junior hockey player. Each squad qualified for the Futures Cup has a dedicated England Hockey team manager and two coaches; only those that are the highest performing with the most potential are selected to compete.

This is not where Lucas’ talents end – he also competes as an archer for our school. Congratulations to Lucas B. for all his achievements!