Our Sports Scholarship programme is focussed on educating our young scholars about the specifics of an active lifestyle, such as leadership, goal setting, strength & conditioning, nutrition, performance profiling, team culture & environment, lifestyle management, the recovery process, wellbeing and the importance sleep has on performance. They cover this variety of sports performance topics throughout the academic year and discuss them on a monthly basis.

They are given a wealth of advice and knowledge from our Head of Sports Performance Mr Smyth, who provides an off field sporting education to Senior School boys on our Sports Scholarship Programme and was the Rugby Development Officer for the Leicester Tigers, developing and delivering community rugby programmes across the UK and Europe working with schools, rugby clubs and community groups.

Mr Smyth has over 15 years of experience of working within youth development, sports coaching and teaching; “Our sports scholarship programme aims to provide our sports scholars with a mentoring platform to gain further information, advice and guidance on a variety of different sports performance topics, all aimed at helping them to develop their sporting performance and potential while at school.”

Outside of his school commitments, Mr Smyth is a regional coach for the Scottish Exiles rugby programme, providing an avenue for young talented players who are qualified to play for Scotland through Regional, Age Group and Performance programmes.

Thank you to Mr Smyth for his dedication to making our pupils’ sporting endeavours well-rounded and fun!