We are delighted to have recently announced the appointment of our new Head, Dr Ruth Norris, who joins us in September. During the interim period, Lesley Reynolds is our Acting Head. Lesley has been at the School since its foundation in 1995, most recently as Deputy Headmaster.

“I am proud to lead Derby Grammar School. Proud, not only of our pupils’ excellent academic results each year, not only of our placings at, or very near to, the top of all major school league tables, not only of our reputation, but also of the less obvious measures of our success.

Our pupils are recognised as being ‘polite and considerate’ by members of the wider local community. New pupils and visitors, from any background, country or culture, are welcomed wholeheartedly into the School and settle in with ease.

Our pupils achieve great things. In sport and music this is often on a national scale. But I am equally proud of those who’ve overcome a fear of water and managed to swim their first length; or those who might find their studies challenging, but with support, effort and determination, they succeed.

Our alumni are making big waves in their careers, whether it be in the business world or as airline pilots, doctors, dentists or MPs. And they have such fond memories of their time here that they still call in for a school dinner and a quick catch-up with staff and friends whenever they’re in the vicinity.

The charitable work our staff and Year 12 carry out each year at Gedeli B School in Mwanza, Tanzania is truly awe-inspiring. It makes a real difference to lives and futures of the children in Mwanza, and the experience has a profound impact upon our pupils too, changing perceptions and shaping characters.

Our charitable work back here in the UK is equally as important and pupils throw themselves in to fundraising supporting causes such as the YMCA, Children in Need and many other charities.

And, of course, I’m proud of our incredibly supportive parents who care as much as I do about the School and who work tirelessly with the PTA to raise funds and further improve the facilities and opportunities that we can offer.

If you’re looking for a school for your son or a Sixth Form for your daughter, then please do come and visit us. The atmosphere at Derby Grammar School is truly unique – it’s welcoming, it’s caring, it’s studious, it’s enterprising, it’s exciting, it’s friendly, it’s fun – and I’d be proud to show you around.”

Lesley Reynolds, BSc Hons
Acting Head