Victoria Anderton-Johnson left Derby Grammar School’s sixth form in 2011. She completed her Archaeology degree at the University of Bradford, achieving a 1st with honors alongside a Diploma in Professional Archaeological Studies from her placement year. Whilst at Bradford she was awarded the Jason Maher award in recognition of her work within the Archaeology department.

After university she worked in the field before starting at WSP in June 2016 as a Graduate Consultant on their Graduate Programme. She is now Assistant Archaeological and Heritage Consultant based at the Leeds office. WSP is a global company, employing 7000 in the UK alone. In her role as an Assistant Consultant Victoria is involved in planning applications for new infrastructure ranging from highways to housing developments. She has taken part in projects throughout the UK as well as projects in Kazakhstan, Oman and Egypt. She writes desk-based assessments, takes part in site walkovers and helps to organise fieldwork.

A busy lady, she is also about to start a distance learning Masters in Archaeology and Heritage with the University of Leicester alongside her role.

“I would like to thank Mr Taylor for his encouragement to look into Bradford University. His influence has shaped my life and that choice has allowed me to work on projects throughout the UK and the Middle East.”

Favourite memory: Playing in the band and producing the CD, it was so much fun. I played the clarinet and bass clarinet largely, although I was handed the tenor saxophone to learn for one concert!”

Victoria Anderton-Johnson
Victoria Anderton-Johnson