Yusuf Karim left Derby Grammar School in 2013 and went on to Loughborough University to study MEng Aeronautical Engineering. It is a five year degree and has included a year in industry.

“I’ve had two internships whilst at University. At General Electric in Leicester where I was involved in a project to set up a production line for a new product introduction. It was really useful to apply what I was learning in an organisation. I also spent time at JCB.

I am now starting the final year of my MEng. I feel very lucky to have my final year sponsored by ISTAT – the International Society of Transport and Aircraft Trading. Applications are open to engineering students all over the world who are looking to develop careers in aviation.

I was nominated by my university but also had to write a case outlining why I thought I was suitable which detailed my leadership experience, gave information on my grades and contained two letters of recommendation – one of which was from my lecturer and the other from my line manager at General Electric.

ISTAT typically chooses around 40 students to sponsor annually based upon the submission.

As a sponsored student I gain membership of the organisation, I can attend conferences and take part in their mentor scheme, as well as receiving a financial award which covers the majority of my tuition fees for a year.

I was inspired to study aeronautical engineering at university by taking design and technology at GCSE and A Level at Derby Grammar School. My teacher, Mr Smith, was a strong factor in this. My ambition upon leaving university is to work for an advanced manufacturing research centre that develops new technology.

Derby Grammar School gave me opportunity, enthusiasm, long-lasting friendships and confidence.”

Favourite memory: it must be Leavers Dinner 2013. It was such a celebration – no more studying and time to enjoy ourselves, with friends and teachers.

Derby Grammar School Yusuf Karim
Yusuf Karim