A very warm welcome to Derby Grammar School’s Year 7 Induction webpage!

We know it is a very important time for you as you prepare to move up to Senior School. We are making it our priority to ensure you settle quickly and feel happy in school.

Miss Walker and her team have been working very hard on a virtual induction day for you. Below you will find lots of information to help you with your move to Senior School.

Have a look at the welcome videos from our new Head, Mr Logan, and Head of Year 7, Miss Walker. We’ve included an introductory video from the Year 7 tutors as well.

Normally, you’d be joining us in School on Induction Day and taking part in some fun lessons. Due to the disruption caused this year, in replacement you’ll have an on-site Induction Day on the first day of term in September. In the meantime we don’t want you to miss out and so some of our teachers have come up with some exciting lessons for you to do from home or in your classroom. Do you think you can bring in your work when we meet in September? We’d love to see what you did.

You’ll also find an FAQ booklet written with the help of our Year 7 boys. Don’t worry if you still have some questions, you can contact us and we will answer them for you. Remember, no question is ever too silly for us to answer!

We hope you enjoy the information we have provided for you. We can’t wait to see you in September.

Welcome from Mr Logan – Headteacher 

Welcome from Miss Walker – Head of Year 7 

Tutor welcomes

Please click on the relevant House to view your tutor welcome video

Timetable for the day

Please download your virtual timetable here.

Your lessons for the day

We have a host of exciting lessons for you. Keep reading…

All about me introduction activity 

Download your special All About Me bunting here.

Get Groovy! Science lesson with Miss Walker

Jump Up! Games lesson with Mr Whitworth

You can find Mr Whitworth’s exciting DGS Decathlon PE challenge here.

Take Off! DT lesson with Mr Lakritz

Download your instructions to make your own aeroplane here

Dragons Den! English lesson with Mrs Watson

Mini Murder! Maths lesson with Mrs Charnock

You can download our Maths Murder investigation here.


Please download your copy of our Year 7 Frequently Asked Questions here.