Due to the unusual circumstances we find ourselves in, the need for a robust remote learning provision is more critical than ever. In the summer, the entire country was plunged into lockdown requiring the need for all pupils across the country to be educated from home, and once again this new year we find ourselves in the same situation where robust remote learning is vital. 

Thankfully, Derby Grammar are well prepared, as we are able to switch to a completely remote schooling system, ensuring that we don’t rely on parents to teach. This system will remain in place for any future scenarios where it is needed. 

With our remote learning, we aim to emulate as much of school as possible, to try and reduce disruption for our pupils. We are able to provide strong academic structure, pastoral care, and co curricular enrichment. As well as host whole school and house assemblies, and house competitions. Those who need them are provided with Chromebooks in order to access the remote working. We also provide technical support to parents and pupils as needed. 

We ensure that the requirement on parents is as minimal as possible, using real-time teaching without relying on print outs, with specific subject teachers rather than week long projects to try and encapsulate numerous subjects. The individual subject lessons are able to be imaginative by using everyday objects you’d find around the home, in lessons such as maths and science. Pupils are also able to engage with sports lessons as part of their curriculum as normal, and are encouraged to pursue outdoor learning.