At Derby Grammar School every pupil is treated as an individual. We ensure each develops both academically and socially, so that they enjoy their time at school and leave us as confident, well rounded young people.

We offer a range of learning, special educational needs and disability support for individuals with a specific learning difficulty, and for those who simply require some additional support. As a small school with small class sizes and individual attention, our SENDCo is perfectly placed to work closely with all subject teachers to provide a supported and integrated education for your child.

Individual support

Pupils requiring learning support receive help with their organisation, learning and recall during their time at school. As well as group support sessions, pupils can access dedicated, one to one, study and social skills support whenever required.

Those with a diagnosed specific learning difficulty have a Individual Education Plan (IEP). This is written by the SENDCo in collaboration with parents, the pupil and teaching staff and is reviewed and updated termly.

Where necessary, we liaise with external agencies who regularly come into school to support pupils with specific needs.

Group support

All pupils have access to small study groups to develop learning and revision skills in specific subject areas. These are available at no additional cost.

Examination support

Access arrangements for external examinations are made for those pupils who qualify, and we liaise closely with subject teachers about reasonable adjustments. The provision of requirements such as extra time and the use of laptops in examinations is all co-ordinated through the SENDCo.

Keeping you informed

The SENDCo has a close relationship with the parents of all pupils who have an IEP or who receive support. Regular updates are provided by telephone or at face-to-face meetings. These are two-way discussions where we encourage parental input and observations. Parents also have the opportunity to meet with the SENDCo to discuss any issues at parents’ evenings where you will receive an overall picture of your child’s progress.

Identifying a specific learning disability

If you feel that your child would benefit from additional support, please contact us to discuss their needs. Our SENDCo team can carry out initial testing to indicate the possibility of a specific learning difficulty. We can discuss this with you and give guidance on further steps you may wish to take.

We fully recognise and understand that some parents appreciate that their child would benefit from the education we are able to provide in our small school and class size environment, but you may not wish to pursue the formal diagnosis of a specific learning difficulty. In these instances we will work with you to develop the best support plan for your child.

Senior School SENDCo contact

Mrs Rai leads on learning support in the Senior School. For more information please contact her on 01332 523027 or by email at