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Sixth Form

Over these two crucial years the sixth former will emerge as an individual, accountable for their own actions, capable of self-discipline, happily self-reliant and increasingly self-aware. Many processes will assist this: taking responsibility within one of the Houses for the organisation of events and competitions, the election as a committee member to serve and represent others, the appointment as secretary or captain of a club or team, and selection by the Headmaster to be a prefect.

These are also the years when future citizens learn to be tolerant of others, their views, their idiosyncrasies and their modes of behaviour. The smaller class sets and the style of teaching at Derby Grammar School allow each sixth former to air their views, to discover their beliefs and to come to terms with their feelings.

Studying in our Sixth Form enables students to develop the academic skills and the breadth of experience necessary to go onwards to successful futures in the increasingly competitive world of higher education and, ultimately, employment.  Find out more about where our former pupils have gone to and what they have achieved post Sixth Form on our 'Where are they now?' page.