This week is National Careers Week 2020 which promotes the importance of good careers education in schools.

Derby Grammar School has a structured careers programme throughout the school and here our Assistant Head of Sixth Form (Higher Education and Careers) discusses our strategy and careers provision.

All pupils have access to the website, which has been designed to help young people broaden their horizons and consider a broader spectrum of career and education opportunities. Students also take part in a number of Business and Enterprise Days which enable them to work in groups with students from other year groups in a simulated business scenario, helping them to learn more about business, finance and enhance their understanding of different roles within the workplace. 

In Years 7 to 9 careers education focuses on pupils learning to identify their own strengths and preferences, as well as becoming aware of labour market information and where to find insights about different lines of work. We work to assist them with considering the choices and opportunities open to them at key decision points, including supporting them in choosing their GCSE subjects. 

In Year 10, our students are supported in constructing a CV and putting together an application so that they can arrange their own work experience placement, following which they present back to their peers on what they learned.

In Year 11, all students complete a Morrisby profile, which is a psychometric assessment helping them to recognise their strengths and draw these together with their interests and preferences, in order to identify career paths that may suit them.

Each boy has a one to one interview with an independent careers adviser, as well as taking part in a number of careers workshops in order to give them designated time to research their options and to support them in making post-16 choices. They can also access further careers advice online at of which they get lifelong membership. We are also supported by the organisation ASK (Apprenticeship Support & Knowledge) who offer information and guidance to those pupils who are interested in more vocational routes. 

In the Sixth Form, addressing the needs of individuals is paramount due to the wide variety of different routes that students opt for, including applying for conservatoires or music colleges, the military, direct entrance into employment or the traditional university route. Students are carefully supported throughout their application procedures, as well as being offered practise interviews, often with specialists in their chosen field. 

Last year, Derby Grammar School held our first large scale Careers Fair in which we welcomed professionals from a wide range of backgrounds, including medicine, physiotherapy, engineering, cyber security, law, creative arts, broadcast journalism and an airline pilot, to name but a few. We also have a range of speakers visit the school throughout the year to share their experience in a variety of career areas.

If you have any questions relating to our careers education provision please feel free to contact Mrs Burton, Assistant Head of Sixth Form or Mrs Lacey, Work Experience Co-ordinator.