Derby Grammar School

Primary Curriculum

Our primary curriculum is driven by teaching excellence. We have a talented body of academic leads and support staff who deliver a broad curriculum that contributes to the holistic development of each pupil. The knowledge, experience and enthusiasm of our teachers inspires a love of learning among pupils making lessons creative and engaging.

Each child will establish a strong foundation in the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science, learning through a range of inclusive methods and techniques. Primary pupils will also gain an introduction to PSHE, Humanities and other creative disciplines such as Art, Design and Technology, Drama, Music and Sport.

Termly standardised testing in core subject areas enables teachers to reliably benchmark performance and track progress against national averages. Performance data is analysed carefully, and pupils tracked across the year group and key stage to ensure the necessary support or challenge is put in place at the earliest opportunity.

At Derby Grammar Primary School, we put our young people first; it is a school that cares always to provide the best education and the best opportunities for its pupils. We offer national curriculum subjects but also additional experiences such as French, Forest School and swimming. We pride ourselves on providing learning experiences that challenge and inspire and with such individualised teaching in small class sizes, as well as our access to specialist teachers and facilities, we really do achieve high standards of pupil attainment and progress. The particular focus on numeracy and literacy skills will help prepare pupils for their school journey by supporting their progression in other subjects.

Primary pupils have their own dedicated area within the main school building offering them their independence. With that said, the design of the building means teachers and pupils can maintain an important connection to the Senior School community.

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