Derby Grammar School

Aims and Ethos

The main aim of Derby Grammar School is to provide children with a premium educational experience.

Within this, we pledge to protect the welfare of all children who come into our care, supporting their personal development and enhancing their future prospects. We are an ambitious school with a kind heart who inspire our pupils to be the best version of themselves.

Derby Grammar School has three distinct values which shape our community and culture; excellence, encouragement and enrichment.


We employ outstandingly talented teaching staff who can ‘bring education to life’ for all pupils. They offer knowledge, experience and enthusiasm in abundance which stimulates a desire to learn. Our stunning Georgian buildings are advantageously fitted with modern learning facilities and specialist equipment, adding to the exclusivity of our academic offering.


Our small community is one of our biggest strengths as it allows all teachers to get to know pupils individually. We are proud of our fantastically flexible yet robust pastoral support system which is able to accommodate the needs and demands of each and every child who comes into our care. We empower pupils and having a supportive environment is central to achieving this. 


One of the many reasons why Derby Grammar School is so special is our ability to offer exclusive opportunities that serve to enhance pupils’ learning experience. We have partnerships with Hot House Music, London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art (LAMDA), Derbyshire Institute of Sport, the Gedeli B School in Tanzania among others. School life is wide-ranging and fun, with endless possibilities to explore new talents.

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