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Forest School

Established in January 2019 and directed by Mrs Hill, Primary Science Teacher and SEN support, our Forest School aims to immerse children in the great outdoors and equip them with both practical and transferable skills. We have the highly regarded Forest School Association (FSA badge) which recognises the highest standard of Forest School and nature connection delivery.


Our outstanding grounds provide the perfect setting for a selection of outdoor activities including den building, whittling and fire making; all conducted under the supervision of our accredited practitioner. Each child is actively involved in risk assessment and implementing safety measures which can be transferred into their everyday school life.

For Infants' this is a real scientific experience where they explore and experiment, thinking about why their ideas do or don't work, trying again and working with friends to develop their ideas. Primary pupils will also get to grips with nature and wildlife, and become more aware of conservation issues and improving the biodiversity of the site.

This time is designed to offer some light relaxation from academic studies, allowing each child to unleash their imagination. Mrs Hill will gently guide children towards autonomous exploration to help increase their resilience and in turn, their overall confidence and well-being.

At KS2 students have Forest School every week for half a year which rotates with swimming. In KS1 and Reception, students have Forest School every week throughout the year. Forest School is also available in the Senior School as a Co-curricular activity. 

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