Once we receive your registration we will invite your child to School to take part in either an assessment or interview.

Infant School

Families with a son looking to join our Reception, Year 1 or Year 2 class are invited to meet our Head of Primary School, Mrs Elizabeth Scholter.

Junior School assessment day

Assessment day is all about us getting to know your son, and importantly, for him to get to know us and experience a day at Derby Grammar Primary School.

Whilst the name sounds a little formal, it is a very relaxed day. It includes some basic testing on maths, English (including reading and writing) and verbal reasoning – all of which is relevant to your sons current school year. We also spend time observing him in the classroom and at play. This gives us a ‘whole picture’ and enables your son to relax whilst with us. In fact, a lot of the time he won’t even realise he is taking a test.

Our tests are based on the National Curriculum, which means whether your son is currently in a state or independent school the test covers things that are part of the curriculum and what your son is currently learning in class. It is not Common Entrance examination and there is no need for any extra coaching prior to taking the tests.

We will also contact your son’s current school for a report prior to the assessment day, and will send a verbal reasoning practice paper so he becomes familiar with this exercise.

The assessment day is a full day in school, from 8.30am to 3.45pm. We invite parents to join us at the end of the day when you can meet the Head and teachers over a cup of tea.

Assessment days – September 2021 entry

Year group Date
Year 3 Thursday 4 February, 2021
Years 4, 5 & 6 Wednesday 27 January, 2021

Senior School assessment day

Our Senior School assessment day is designed to assess general ability whilst also ensuring that your son will gain maximum benefit from an education at Derby Grammar School. The assessment covers English and maths.

It is not Common Entrance, but is based on the National Curriculum and so boys from both independent and state primary schools can access it and there is no need for additional coaching. We will also contact your son’s current school for a report prior to the assessment day.

If you have applied for scholarship(s) that require assessment, this will take place on the assessment day.

Please note: if your son is currently in our Primary School, he will have a guaranteed place in Senior School. Additional assessment will only be required for those who are applying for a scholarship.

Assessment day – September 2021 entry

Year group Date
Year 7-9 Saturday 16 January, 2020

Example papers

To help you, we’ve uploaded some example papers which give an indication of the types of things we’ll be asking.