The curriculum is only part of the story here at Derby Grammar Primary School.

We support each boy individually and encourage each to develop individual interests alongside academic study. Responsibility, teamworking and an awareness of others is encouraged through the School Council, and we have an extensive array of additional activities including clubs, trips, competitions, plays and sporting fixtures which stimulate curious and inquisitive minds, bringing education to life.

Pastoral care

Success in every sense depends on the happiness and well-being of all boys. With this in mind, pastoral care in the Primary School is given the highest priority at all times. Boys are guided through their time with us by a team of dedicated tutors who encourage them to become self-motivated, confident and independent.

We work closely with boys and parents to create a supportive partnership and ensure that school remains a happy, rewarding place to be.

School Council

The School Council allows the boys to have a real input into what happens in the Primary School. It gives pupils a voice and an opportunity to present their views, via elected council members, to teachers.

School Council’s ideas and opinions are taken very seriously and, wherever possible, suggestions are implemented, bringing about some very popular additions to the school including events, activities and new equipment.

Being a School Councillor is a responsible and much coveted role.

Celebrating achievement

Recognising and celebrating all types of achievement is an important part of helping each boy to grow and flourish.

We reward effort and achievement across all areas of School and home life, at the annual Speech Day and in regular achievement assemblies throughout the school year. This helps to sustain a keen community spirit and encourages each pupil to feel he can make a valued contribution to the life of the Primary School, no matter how big or small.


Each class take part in trips and activities each year to enhance what they are learning, from visiting Derby Cathedral to Twycross Zoo, to the three day residential trip to Hollowford.