We encourage all Derby Grammar School pupils to develop a caring attitude and a sense of responsibility for others.

It is important that our pupils are aware of their position and are mindful of those who are less fortunate. Through supporting good causes by fundraising, volunteering and involvement in the community, our pupils offer their time and skills to benefit others, and in turn learn a great deal along the way.

Charities Week

Sixth formers organise ‘Charities Week’ each November, with the proceeds being split between the Tanzania Project and more local charities.

The whole school gets involved. Regular features include the bouncy boxing competition, cake sales, penny trails, non-uniform day and a disco. The end-of-week evening show is always the highlight with a host of singing, dancing and comedy acts and the ever-popular ‘gunge the teacher’.

Charities Week regularly raises in excess of £5000.

YMCA Derbyshire

We have developed close links with YMCA Derbyshire. Our annual shoe box appeal collects donations for the residents at Christmas time, and our Harvest Festival donations are always gratefully received by the YMCA.

Our relationship has developed so much that the YMCA residents now also help in our fundraising activities for Tanzania.

The Tanzania Project

We began working with Gedeli B School in Mwanza, Tanzania in 2013.

Year 12 students visit the school each summer. They teach the children, donate much-needed equipment and work on various building projects to improve the facilities.

Tanzania is a focus of fundraising activity across the School throughout the year.