Gedeli B School is located in Mwanza, Tanzania. It has around 1300 children at the school aged between 7 and 14 completing their equivalent of our ‘primary’ education. Few move on to secondary education.

Tanzania is a very poor country. Most people live in a basic hut with tin roofs in one room, without electricity or running water. Their staple diet is ‘ugali’ which is basically maize flour mixed with water.

The story of our Tanzania project

Why partner with Gedeli B School?

We wanted to develop a long term partnership that focused on fundraising in order to supply educational resources and it was important to us to be able to see the impact that this work was having. And we didn’t want to support them remotely, our partnership needed to be more than this.

Every summer a group of Year 12 pupils and teachers travel to Gedeli B School for two weeks to teach the pupils and work on development projects to improve the facilities.

This is an unforgettable and often humbling experience for Derby Grammar School pupils, and our partnership has a life-changing impact on the children at Gedeli B School.