A house system operates across Derby Grammar School which encourages a sense of unity, camaraderie and healthy competition from Year 3 right through to Year 13.

Led by Sixth Form House Captains, the four houses – Blackton, Atkinson, Derby and Bemrose – accumulate points throughout the year during various house events including rowing, cross country, drama, chess, essay writing, swimming and debating to name but a few.

At the end of the year, the coveted R. G. King Memorial Trophy is awarded to the house with the most points.  It’s a hotly contested accolade which brings pupils of all ages together, with the range of contests offering opportunities for all to contribute to their house’s overall success.

Origins of our House names

‘Derby’ and ‘Bemrose’ Houses are named after Derby’s original boys’ grammar schools which either ceased to exist or changed status in the 1970s following a change in education policy.

‘Blackton’ and ‘Atkinson’ Houses are named after two of our School’s founders.