Derby Grammar School Sixth Form
Sixth Form Open Evening
Q&A in Live Chat
Sixth Form Open Evening
Q&A in Live Chat
Sixth Form Open Evening
Q&A in Live Chat
Sixth Form Open Evening
Q&A in Live Chat

Welcome to Derby Grammar School’s
Virtual Sixth Form Open Evening


 Available for you, we have an introductory presentation including a welcome from our Head, Dr Ruth Norris; a presentation from our Assistant Head Pastoral and Head of Sixth Form, Miss Karen Stebbings; one of our previous Sixth Form pupils, Dr Gagandeep Bal; parents of a previous pupil, Mr & Mrs Ganley; as well as our Director of Co-curricular, Mr Paul Hilliam.  

In order for you to find out more about the individual subjects you might be interested in studying, we also have videos from our Heads of Department explaining more about their subject. 

On Monday 5 October, at 7pm, we will be hosting a live Q&A session, with numerous members of staff available to answer any further questions you may have. 

We hope you find the information helpful, and if you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to contact us via email,, or phone 01332 ​523027



Pastoral care

We place a great deal of emphasis on pastoral care, which is vital to each pupil’s well-being, health, happiness and, ultimately, their achievement. We strive to create a supportive environment where each pupil feels safe, secure and happy. We are a small community, and one of our key strengths is our relationships with pupils.

The Sixth Form team comprises the Head of Sixth Form, five tutors and a Higher Education Coordinator who work to ensure that each pupil has support and help when needed.

The Form Tutor forms the basis of our pastoral care. Their role is to develop a detailed knowledge of each pupils’ development and attainment, as well as nurturing and providing them with a close-knit support network of both peers and staff.

As a parent, the Form Tutor is your first point of contact if you have any queries or concerns. You will be introduced to your child’s Form Tutor once they begin to study with us.

Reports and parents’ evenings during the year also offer opportunities to discuss your child’s progress and development in all areas.

Someone to talk to?

There are times when we all need somebody to talk to, somebody who can listen to our concerns and worries. Our independent counsellor is available for pupils and parents. To get in touch and arrange an appointment email


Pupils have the opportunity to join a wealth of activity clubs, ranging from Duke of Edinburgh and Archery club, through to our Greenpower Formula 24 and 24+ racing team. At Sixth Form we also offer the Young Enterprise scheme which helps to develop entrepreneurship and business acumen.

Clubs include:

  • All Stars Jazz Band
  • Art
  • Book
  • Business Enterprise
  • Chess
  • Choir
  • Cricket
  • Field Archery
  • Film Club
  • Foreign Languages Film Club
  • Formula 24 and 24+
  • Guitar Ensemble 
  • Hockey
  • Rugby
  • Swing Band
  • Warhammer


We encourage all Derby Grammar School pupils to develop a caring attitude and a sense of responsibility for others.

It is important that our pupils are aware of their position and are mindful of those who are less fortunate. Through supporting good causes by fundraising, volunteering and involvement in the community, our pupils offer their time and skills to benefit others, and in turn learn a great deal along the way.

We focus our activities around supporting Gedeli B School in Mwanza, Tanzania. This is a highlight for our Sixth Formers as they have the opportunity to travel to Tanzania to teach the Gedeli pupils, build vital classrooms and support facilities and then taking part in a safari or climbing Mount Kilimanjaro each summer. Closer to home we work closely with the Derbyshire YMCA to help fight local teenage homelessness.

Charities Week:

Sixth formers organise ‘Charities Week’ each November, with the proceeds being split between the Tanzania Project and more local charities. The whole school gets involved. Regular features include the bouncy boxing competition, cake sales, penny trails, non-uniform day and a disco. The end-of-week evening show is always the highlight with a host of singing, dancing and comedy acts and the ever-popular ‘gunge the teacher’. 

Charities Week regularly raises in excess of £5000.

The Tanzania Project

We began working with Gedeli B School in Mwanza, Tanzania in 2013.

Year 12 students visit the school each summer. They teach the children, donate much-needed equipment and work on various building projects to improve the facilities.

Tanzania is a focus of fundraising activity across the School throughout the year.

Read more about the Tanzania Project here:

YMCA Derbyshire:

We have developed close links with YMCA Derbyshire. Our annual shoe box appeal collects donations for the residents at Christmas time, and our Harvest Festival donations are always gratefully received by the YMCA. Our relationship has developed so much that the YMCA residents now also help in our fundraising activities for Tanzania.

Virtual Learning

Due to the unusual circumstances we find ourselves in, the need for a robust remote learning provision is more critical than ever. In the summer, the entire country was plunged into lockdown requiring the need for all pupils across the country to be educated from home, and this is a situation that we may well find ourselves in again. 

Thankfully, Derby Grammar was well prepared, as we were able to switch to a completely remote schooling system. This system is still in place, and able to be switched back to if another lockdown does take place. 

With our remote learning, we aim to emulate as much of school as possible, to try and reduce disruption for our pupils. We are able to provide strong academic structure, pastoral care, and co curricular enrichment, as well as host whole school and house assemblies, and house competitions. Those who need them are provided with Chromebooks in order to access the remote working. We also provide technical support to parents and pupils as needed. 


To apply for a place at Derby Grammar School, there are two routes which you can take. 

For scholarship entry, please follow this link to find out more about examination and assessment dates:

Non Scholarship entry can be applied for throughout the year

For more information to apply, please contact

Taster Days

Sixth Form Taster sessions are an invaluable opportunity for pupils to experience Derby Grammar School Sixth Form. Pupils are invited to join us for A Level taster sessions, where they’ll have an opportunity to explore their chosen subject in more detail. They’ll meet current Year 12 pupils and have time to discuss the subject with these pupils and the subject teacher. 

If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity to explore your chosen A Levels in more detail, we would be delighted to arrange this for you. 

To book a Taster Session, please contact admissions on:

Sixth Form Fees

School Year

Autumn term

Spring and Summer Term

Fee per Academic Year

Senior School (Years 10 and 11) & Sixth Form £4649 £4792 £14233

Included in the Fee

Tuition fee
Supervision to 5pm at Homework Club
ALIS assessments for Y12-13
Careers support, advice and practice interviews
Higher Education application support and advice, including Oxbridge, medical and dentistry preparation

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